Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Qualified majors may apply before their senior year for directed research leading to a senior thesis, carried out during both semesters of the senior year. Each semester will require 3 credit hours; these 6 hours (MDEM 494 and MDEM 495) are in addition to the course hours required for the major.
To qualify for senior thesis, students must have an approved research proposal and the agreement of a faculty member to serve as advisor for that project. Applicants will normally be required to have a GPA of 3.75 in MDEM courses and to have completed courses relevant to the proposed thesis topic (e.g. English, History, Art History, etc.), to be determined by the thesis advisor. Applications should be submitted to the director of Medieval and Early Modern Studies and will be evaluated by the advisory board.
Students who are considering applying to write a senior thesis should consult the program director and potential advisor as early as possible. Normally students will apply before preregistration in the second semester of their junior year and will spend time during the following summer reading from a list they have developed with their advisor. The thesis normally will be between 7,500 and 15,000 words (approximately 30–60 pages) in length. Students will enroll in MDEM 494 and MDEM 495.

Application Requirements

  • Department thesis application form (available from the program director) signed by the program director and the faculty member who will supervise the project
  • A 500 word abstract of your proposed project.

Final Submission and Presentations

A electronic copy of the final thesis must be submitted by the last day of final examinations for degree candidates. Presentations will take place at the MDEM Undergraduate Conference.

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