Medieval and Early
Modern Studies Courses

Fall 2022

Non-MDEM cross-listed courses
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ASIA 214, E. Asian Art Cultural Heritage
ASIA 372, Chinese Art and the World
ASIA 224, A History of the Silk Roads
ASIA 236, Buddhism and Science
ASIA 336, Gender and Society in Buddhism
ASIA 243, Premodern China: History of an Open Empire to 1800
ASIA 334, Traditional Chinese Tales

HART 101, Intro to History of Western Art I
HART 118, A Global Architecture History I
HART 385, Architecture and Literature in Islamic Cultures

FWIS 150 , World of Medieval Medicine

FREN 311, Major Literary Works and Artifacts of Pre-revolutionary France

HIST 101, Modern Europe, 1500-1789
HIST 120, Medieval Civilizations
HIST 222, History of Early Africa
HIST 301, Fighting the Atlantic Slave Trade

ENGL 314, Medieval Romance: Radical Imaginations
ENGL 322, Men and Women in Shakespeare

PHIL 281, History of Philosophy I

JWST 201, Great Books of Jewish Culture

LATI 101, Elementary Latin I
LATI 201, Intermediate Latin I: Prose

RELI 223, Qur’an and Commentary
RELI 442, Classical and Contemporary Arabic Texts

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